FOTW Competition Rules

  • All kites must be designed and hand crafted during the previous kite year (the previous FOTW to the current year FOTW).
  • Kites entered in previous years can’t be entered again.
  • A kite may be entered in more than one category.
  • Kites must be displayed for the judges on the Saturday of the Festival.
  • The Judges will be on duty after lunch and before dinner on Saturday weather permitting. In case of poor weather, the kites will be displayed in the pavilion which will be announced if necessity dictates.
  • Member’s choice, President’s choice, KAP photos and Committee Choices from the public will be judged on the Sunday of the Festival.
  • All prize winners will be announced on Sunday at 2 o’clock and presented with trophies and a cheque.
  • Committee Choices from the public will receive a certify cate at the same time as the above presentations.
  • Judges rulings are final.

Novice recognition: Members of the committee will give a spot card to 3 members of the public which have demonstrated good flying techniques, good kite construction or good kite skin designs. At 2 pm they will be required at the AKS tent where they will be interviewed then directed to the beach and presented with a certificate of achievement and a one year Australian Kiteflyer Society membership. Then they will be allowed to fly their kites with AKS members.

Members Choice:


This competition is for AKS members only. On the Saturday of the festival, AKS Members will be asked to vote for the kite belonging to an AKS member, which they feel is the best one flying that day. Members will be asked to consider appearance, workmanship, and flying performance. It can be any kite built of any materials, but the kite must have been built by the member since the previous Festival of the Winds.


You must be a valid financial member of the AKS for the current year.

President's Choice:


 This is awarded by the President of the AKS for the best contribution to the festival by a kite flyer on the Sunday of the FOTW. This competition is open to all kite makers.

Sunday Public choice:


The public have their say. Results announced at 3pm on Sunday.

Flying High:


This one will be featured on the cover of the next Flying High Magazine so get cracking!

Bondi Blonde:


Blond and beautiful, the kite that is!

Stretch the Imagination:


The ‘stretching’ depends on you, the rest on the fickled Bondi wind.

Flight of Fancy:


The sky’s the limit. Remember build it then worry about flying it. Test your bridling skills. Test your limits. Inspire, enthuse, and delight!



Photographs must be taken prior to 1pm on Sunday. These landscape photos must be taken by a camera which has been suspended on a kite therefore being the result of kite aerial photography. The winning image will be used in future publications as promotional material.