The Australian Kiteflyers Society
The 37th Festival Of The Winds!
On 11th, 12th and 13th September 2015


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Festival of the Winds 2015 will mark our 37th anniversary of the Festival of the Winds kite festival at Bondi Beach, Australia. We have hosted international flyers over the years from Malaysia, India, Germany, USA and New Zealand to name a few.

Friday and Saturday are for members and our guest/s. We have workshops, an auction, dinner and catch up time to get to know our guests prior to the main event. Sunday is all work as we put on a ground and air display from the beach to entertain the massive crowds. We provide commentary. Guests are interviewed by the media and they are encouraged and provided with assistance from members to present their works. As in all kiting events, the wind is a deciding factor. We aim for uniqueness, size, movement and colour.

The Beach itself is known all around the world and is quite spectacular. The incredible energy of the Pacific surf, the warm tropical winds and the enthusiasm of wind surfers and kiters makes this festival worth the trip. There is convenient accommodation, and easy access to main transport networks for doing sightseeing. Just look on the net and you can see that there is a lot to see and do.

Our members are a small band of enthusiasts who are dedicated to the sport of kiting, the art of kite making and the sharing of innovative ideas. We are friendly, helpful and easy going. Please contact the committee if you have any inquiries.