Kite Sand Anchor


Ever been at the beach and flying your single line kite and wished you had something to tie it to? Here's an idea for a sand anchor. Take a piece of ripstop, canvas or similar material approx a metre square and sew two pieces of webbing diagonally across it leaving about 1 metre out each end to make loops.

Fold the ends of the webbing over and sew loops in to the ends of the webbing. Use a good quality sailmakers thread and sew an area of 10 to 15 cm long.

To use, scoop out a hole in the sand, lay the anchor in the hole, webbing side down, leaving the looped ends out, and push all the sand back in to the hole covering the anchor. The size of the hole and the amount of sand required will depend on the pull of the kite. Bring all four looped ends of the webbing together and pass a short length of heavy rope through all the loops. Tie your kite line to this rope. To remove after flying simply release the heavy rope, grab two corners on one side and pull. The anchor will slide out from under the sand without having to be dug up. Roll the whole thing into a ball and stuff in the corner of your kite bag for next time.