The AKS promotes safe and courteous kite flying.
Please remember these rules when out flying your kite.
  For Safety
  AVOID using metal in construction of kites.
  NEVER use wire or metallic flying lines.
  USE extreme caution when flying large kites.
  WEAR gloves when flying large or hard pulling kites.
  NEVER fasten yourself to a kite line unless you have a tested and approved quick release system.
  DO NOT fly over roads, highways, or railway lines.
  It is ILLEGAL to fly within 5 km of an airport boundary fence.
  It is ILLEGAL to fly higher than 120 metres (300 feet) above your ground level.
  Be particularly careful with stunt kites, make sure your total flying area is clear.
  Use extreme caution around other kites and people when using lines which will cut; e.g. kevlar, monofilament and coated cutting lines.
  Use extreme caution around other kites and people when dropping things from kites.
  Avoid flying in congested areas in parks, beaches etc.
  DO NOT leave large tethered ground devices (e.g. inflatable's) unsupervised.
  Do not allow people to fly your kite unless they are able to control it properly. Take particular care with children.
  Some of the practices which can lead to accidents are:- wrapping flying lines around hands.
      - leaving large tethered kites unattended.
- not tethering large or hard pulling kites before launching.
- not clearly marking ground stakes. 
  For Courtesy
  AVOID allowing your kite or kite lines to threaten, or appear to threaten, any bystander.
  NEVER buzz spectators or animals with a stunt kite.
  Please respect other fliers' flying space.